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I am a Winner! #NaNoWriMo

Posted by maloki på 1 december, 2010

And there it was. After 30 days of hard work (on and off) I finished my first draft for a novel, ever. At 50573 words. I got met by applause and this message:

Author, on November 1 you accepted our challenge to write a novel in 30 days. Harnessed with a hard deadline, you persevered in the face of countless obstacles. You wrote with determination, you quieted that inner critic, and now you’ve reached the hallowed Winner’s Circle.

We couldn’t be more proud of your amazing accomplishment! Thank you for joining us on this outrageously creative adventure—we’ll see you next November for more. And we hope you’ll join us in April for Script Frenzy, too.

Before you go celebrate, we have some very special NaNoWriMo Winner Goodies for you. There are two paths to collecting them. We hope that NaNoWriMo meant enough to you that you will take a moment now and make a tax-deductible donation to help ensure that NaNoWriMo and the Young Writers Program are fully enabled for 2011! (If you’ve already donated, thank you so much for your contribution!)

When one defeat great challenges one always thank people, doesn’t one? Here goes.
First of all I have to thank the wonderful OlofB for his work on Devul that has helped me a whole deal while writing.
(if you have Flattr you can Flattr the application. Not, read this)
I also want to thank the Gothenburg cluster of Wrimos. Who I met up with for one coffee. Even though I did not get much writing done there it was still incredibly motivating!
Anyone that has cheered me on, be it random people on twitter, Wrimos and non Wrimos. People I know on Facebook. Or just people I know in real life, or wherever. Thank you!

I’ve learnt a lot about myself as a writer. But I think I’ll save that for another post I think. I know I can write a lot under pressure, if I put my mind into it. Which is something I can use.
I will definitely take part next year. If I got time.

Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did!

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AOL – TED Women, I’m Disappointed

Posted by maloki på 24 november, 2010

So here I am, writing a last-minute idea for what I would love to present on a TED Women talk, for the AOL TED Women contest, my idea for the future.
I decided to use my 2022 text about a Flattring Future (in Swedish) and the basis for the idea, since it is something rooted deep in me, and it is something that I can, and love to talk about.

I’ve filled everything out, and it was time to read the rules and what not. I was already a little suspicious that there was no box to fill out which country you were from. So I read it, and come up with this:

1. Eligibility: The AOL & TEDWomen Big Idea Contest (the ”Contest”) is open only to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States (including the District of Columbia) who are 18 years of age or older.

I realised that I would not be able to submit my application for the contest. Not a chance in hell for me to go to a TED Women in Washington DC. I would not be able to take one of the greatest steps in my own life with taking a chance on this competition.
This is what I had written.

To change the business model of today, where big companies hold copyrights for material made by artists, we need to look at it with new eyes. With a model that is about the love for sharing and showing appreciation the future will be built.
A future where we are more kind to Flattring people, the people behind the product. It is time to take a big step onto this.

I’m also well aware that I had not asked anyone of the Flattr-team, if it would be okay to submit to competition with the idea. For me it is an extension of theirs. A hope for what the future can become, thanks to it.

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#Devul for #NaNoWriMo

Posted by maloki på 10 november, 2010

Devul - Dev/Null - devilI went to FSCONS this weekend, whereupon I talked to a friend of mine about NaNoWriMo, since I had figured out that he was participating as well. We started talking about how it’s not supposed to be editable, and how awesome it would be if we could just have a nifty little program that let you see the word count when you write, but you wouldn’t be able to stop and edit what you were writing. And through that you would just keep the flow going.
At first glance the idea might seem really similar to Write or Die, which I guess it is. But the difference here is that you set the limit, and you push yourself only, and you will never have to pay for it, unless you want to (v0.01, v0.02,v0.03 and v0.04, read about why Flattr and NaNoWriMo)

That same evening he poked me when I got home, he had left the conference earlier than me, and said I got the program, try it out! I was exhausted from an awesome day (that I will write more about later) but said I would try it the morning after and so I did.
I immediately fell in love with it. I knew I would be able to use it to get my writing done, and I wouldn’t be able to look back! Yesterday I caught up writing 4k words!

He decided to name it Devul, The name “devul” is a combination of “/dev/null” and “devil”.

One of the reasons for why I felt this would be a good tool to use is the tip, that all of us keep getting over and over while writing our NaNo, Don’t look back!

Whatever you do, don’t read over what you’ve written until you are finished. That is an easy way to get distracted. Remember, you’ll have to edit the thing many times before your piece of art is perfected. Just write forward, don’t make corrections, don’t read over it, just push forward and write.

One thing that is quite important to remember though, is that in order to use this particular tool you basically have to be decently sure you can write without seeing anything of what you write, since it only offers you a box with the words you’ve written and the words per hour count.
Words per hour gives you a rough idea how much longer you’d have to write to catch up.

You will be wanting to edit it when you’re done with your session, or have catched up with the word count for the day, though. At least I’d say so from my personal experience, since you will do a lot of misspelling and might even totally screw up things and not have an idea of what you were trying to write unless you go back to it when you have a fairly rough idea of what you wrote and it is still fresh in your head. You can expect mistakes like ”klkiillikely”, which was supposed to be ”likely”.

The application now writes out how long you’ve been writing (started minute), how many words and at what pace, when you exit it.
Here are some examples of mine.

During 19 minutes, 1278 words were added at a pace of 3894 words per hour.
During 13 minutes, 633 words were added at a pace of 2900 words per hour.
During 20 minutes, 955 words were added at a pace of 2846 words per hour.
During 14 minutes, 948 words were added at a pace of 3896 words per hour.
During 14 minutes, 790 words were added at a pace of 3207 words per hour.

(please don’t be alarmed by the words per minute, or feel any pressure though, some people think I’m extreme in my writing without looking at my screen…)
It’s important to note that the program saves your text Every word you write/Everytime you press spacebar. So you don’t have to worry about loosing more than a word.
To take this project further we, well Olof mainly, need your input on what you want. It currently works best/easiest in Linux, or if you have python ready to set play on your OS of choice. If you don’t know what Python is, well… Let’s not go there.
You can comment either here, or on his post about the latest version, for added functionality. Current aims are to get it working for other OS’ and have it work without the command prompt. [Edit: OSX support]

I’m looking forward to how this develops, but right now we need you Linux users out there who want to help us develop it!
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NaNoWriMo + Flattr = <3

Posted by maloki på 4 november, 2010

Flattr this
It’s November, and all of us NaNoWriMo fans know exactly what that means. It’s time to chase that word count again. The aim is to write 50000 words in 30 days.
Myself forgot, even though I very well knew it was the first of November, to start writing the first day. I didn’t get going untill late that night, and it had already become a new day. I’ve still got some catching up to do, on 3k today, with todays goal to reach 6667, to stay on track. Added note: 9th Nov I caught up with 4k new words thanks to Devul

When I was writing last night I started to think about Flattr and that I really should inform more of them WriMos out there about this wonderful thing.
Flattr is a Social Micro Donation System, with Flat-rate. You can pay as little as €2 a month, and as much as €100 if you want to. This is shared between the items you decide to click during the month. You click around on things you like and maybe encourage others to use it as well.
I wish you guys to have a look at Flattr, and see if it’s something that you’d want to fit into your blog, or connect to your creative writings, or other kinds of creations.

Why do we write? Your aim might not be to earn money. But what if other people wish to give you a little something for your effort?

I’ve written quite a lot about Flattr before, and I have a strong love for it. WikiLeaks are even using it!
There are also some other NaNoWriMo writers I know of who use this service already, and people who publish their books[swe] online too. In my efforts to draw attention to Flattr I e-mailed a few people, which decent results.

I hope you’ll have a look and love Flattr as much as I do!

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Publicera din bok online

Posted by maloki på 25 augusti, 2010

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Det brukar frågas hur kulturarbetarna ska få betalt och i Almedalen mötte Piratpartiet upp med Kulturskaparna. Det är svårt att förklara möjligheterna konkret. Samtidgit som jag anser att det är viktigt att man tar eget ansvar för sin inkomst, och därför undersöker vilka möjligheter man har, istället för att bara titta på problemen. Men jag ska visa på lite exempel på hur man kan hantera sitt författarskap väl.

Anna Troberg är nog ett av de bästa exempel jag har sett på att vända om i upphovsrättsfrågan. Hon öppnade sig för att lyssna på vad det hela, som piratrörelsen kämpade så hårt för, handlade om. Många har hört historien, andra inte.

Nu lägger hon upp sin bok Chefer Från Helvetet som sommarföljetong på sin blogg. Alla delarna har även Flattr-knappar (tips, börja på sista sidan), vilket långsiktigt kan ge henne några extra kronor för boken hon aldrig hade sett skymten av annars.
Nyligen läste jag ut boken i dess papperskopia, som Anna förövrigt gav till mig. Eftersom att jag absolut älskade boken, bestämde jag mig för att sjänka lite klick på alla kapitlen som hittills blivit publicerade på hennes blogg i sommarföljetongen.

Att anpassa sig är positivt, ibland. I detta fall är det en utveckling i rätt riktning. Utnyttja de sätt som finns för att publicera sin bok. Tillägget med Flattr, ger ju bara en liten extra kick, och ännu ett sätt att anpassa sig och utnyttja de nya teknikerna positivt.

Jan Lindgren publicerar hela sin NaNo2009, kapitel för kapitel. NaNo är en förkortning för NaNoWriMo, som i sin tur står för National Novel Writing Month. Även dessa med Flattr-knappar. Vi har även exemplet från Ravenna, Anna Svensson, som publicerat sin roman Mörkrets Väktare online, även den går att flattra.

Nu har jag ju bara gett exempel på svenska författare som använt sig utav detta. Men det finns även andra exempel. Toreas är en fantasy roman som publiceras kapitel för kapitel på en wiki, där man fritt får använda, kopiera och dela med sig av texten, bara man släpper det under public domain.

Jag har tidigare skrivit om alternativa sätt, innan Flattr fanns som alternativ, då Unni Drougge nyligen hade lanserat sin ljudbok online via The Pirate Bay, där den fortfarande finns att ladda ner.

Om vi fortsätter på detta spår kommer vi förhoppningsvis nå en personligare och smickrande framtid

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Flattr + Wikileaks = DataLove

Posted by maloki på 2 augusti, 2010

I knew it, when I first heard about Flattr, while Wikileaks were looking for donations, I just knew that Flattr and Wikileaks would be a great idea together. Just guess how happy I am today that I get to read that Wikileaks now has an account, a verified one as well. TechCrunch reports about it.

I’m thrilled about this progress, and I’m glad that Wikileaks joined Flattr. Now that they are integrating with other partners! Will be awesome. I hope that some of the sites I emailed will reply as well. One has already done so, and it was that was first to reply.

Thanks for the suggestion Marie, Flattr looks cool – I’ve added it to our regularly reviewed list of suggestions.

Happiness Engineer, Automattic

Now I’m just waiting to see who else will tag along. Who do you want to see to implement Flattr? Send them an email and explain to them why! Doesn’t matter if I’ve already done it, you have to tell them why you want them to.

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2nd month Flattr-stats

Posted by maloki på 1 juli, 2010

Flattr this

Flattr - Share your cake

Where do I start. I thought I’d be open and share what I’ve been flattrd this month. In total I got 151 clicks on my various flattr buttons and quite spread out. Yes, alot of them have 1 click only, and from the same person (new opt-in setting on Flattr). Some of you have seen me rant about it the first time it happened.
At the end of this post I have conducted a table, from my revenue page of everything of mine that has been flattrd this month. Feel free to use the data, and contact me if you want my CSV file for the data.

This month I decided to spend €2 and try and help out as much as possible, on the forums and testing to click peoples sites when they were worried that the button didn’t work and so forth. Part of the whole beta testing, and that I wanted to be sure I had enough money on my account to continue flattring people for the next 5 months.
When I got close to 100 clicks, I decided to stop when I reached 100. So that my clicks would be worth an even number. €2/100=€0.02. So my clicks weren’t worth alot, but it has been fun and uplifting to be able to help people get started and see them get happy about their first clicks.
I’ve noticed a problem with the fact that I limited my clicks last month, and it is that as soon as the new month turned I went wild with clicks and have now already, in less than 6 hours, clicked like 41 things. Woops.

Upcoming transactions: Flattr revenue 2010-07-10 €15,17. I’m quite satisfied, and as a result I will be setting my fee to €5, atleast, this month. Since I will now last another 5 months with my total revenue when I transfer it over to my means account. It also means that each click I got was on average worth €0.10.

Three people I’ve helped when they got started this month was my Mom, maybe she’ll become a Flattr-mom as well as Pirate mom?, Sargoth, also known as Johanna Drott on Magnihasa, and OlofB, who was thrilled when he finally got his account working! I also did alot of moaning on Göran Widham to get his own account up, and not just let Marcus Fridholm take all the tasty revenue from Sagor från Livbåten. Yeye, I know they are good friends and all. But still! We all long for when you either can add more than one account to the same thing and/or when the WordPress Plugin will support more than one user, right?
Let’s not talk about the collaborative blog I’m on with 4 out of 8 writers having Flattr accounts of their own!

I also collected a list of all the things I write about Flattr on both my blogs, just to be able to keep it all in once place. When I put it together I realised that I do write about it quite alot. No I’m not obsessed!

The first independant Flattr-service was released. I wrote about imFlattrd quite early, since I found it such a good thing. It’s basicly a place where you can create your online business card, that people can flattr. Which as a result is a way to make a place where you can be flattrd. If you don’t have a blog or whatnot. It’s really great. This is me.

Do I have any other added thoughts? Yes I do. Which major site will be the first to implement Flattr? I would love to see it in Disqus for commenting and generall activity, which way they would want to implement it. I miss it as an option on my account. Youtube would be awesome, so I guess Google would to be asked then, and also for easier use/implementation on of course! I want it here, right here on my site, without them big issues with manual posting. Everyone wins. It would be awesome if plugin/theme creators for also would be using Flattr.
Will the major players join before or after the beta, if ever?

Fledermaus, Fon Flatter

Last but not least, I’ll treat you to a thing I stumbled upon through Flattr, and totally fell inlove with. It’s a webcomic, gone on since 2005, about a bat! First two episodes made me giggle so much that I actually decided to try and learn more German again, and read through the whole thing. I’m actually stuck on the one showed on the side here, but I’ll move along soon enough.

This month has been good, and yes I might be a little bit obsessed but I feel that it is important that I talk about Flattr alot, make people understand the good use of it. I want to, together with the Flattr-community that we already have and the Pirate and Activist community that I am part of, lead the way by setting a good example and showing that this really works. We are all responsable to help Flattr reach Critical Mass
Have you given out your 3 invites yet? If not, get on with it already!
And I’m still curious about how how you flattr.

Information as promissed:

2010-06 Marie till Riksdagen 13 €3,95
2010-06 maloki – tankar och funderingar 12 €1,58
2010-06 Flattr plug-ins ftw! 2 €0,97
2010-06 Premium Invites 13 €0,96
2010-06 Flattr: Put your money where your mouth is 7 €0,76
2010-06 RE: giving to get (with a second twist) 1 €0,64
2010-06 imFlattrd, new Flattr service 3 €0,50
2010-06 – maloki 6 €0,39
2010-06 10 enkla saker du kan göra så PP syns! 3 €0,39
2010-06 Piratskutan behöver din hjälp! 2 €0,31
2010-06 Bjud in en Pirat! 3 €0,23
2010-06 RE: No Flattr-button showing 2 €0,23
2010-06 How do you Flattr? 2 €0,22
2010-06 RE: WordPress PlugIn creates Icon – but no Link 1 €0,22
2010-06 Why we like the Pirate Party 3 €0,21
2010-06 Arwen den vackra Piratskutan 3 €0,20
2010-06 RE: Conflict with IE8 and WordPress Flattr Plugin 2 €0,18
2010-06 Flattr testrun plugin 3 €0,18
2010-06 Följ med Piratpartiet på segling! 3 €0,17
2010-06 Piratskutan har fått Internet! 3 €0,16
2010-06 Replik: Personliga integriteten allt viktigare 2 €0,15
2010-06 Länkkärlek skapar heta diskussioner 2 €0,14
2010-06 Hacknight #2 here I come 2 €0,12
2010-06 Summary of Hacknight #2 2 €0,12
2010-06 Telecomix Conference ended 2 €0,12
2010-06 Försenad till Telecomix Conference 2 €0,12
2010-06 Telecomix Conference 2 €0,12
2010-06 Agent jwalck on I2P 2 €0,12
2010-06 raccoon – Blackthrow 2 €0,12
2010-06 Agent Felix Atari on Internet and AFK Tunnels 2 €0,12
2010-06 Agent endrazine – Zero Crypto 2 €0,12
2010-06 Marie till Riksdagen 1 €0,11
2010-06 maloki kampanjar! 1 €0,10
2010-06 Marie till Riksdagen 2 €0,08
2010-06 Flattr wp-test 0.9.8 2 €0,06
2010-06 Arrived @ Hacknight #2 2 €0,05
2010-06 Första seglingen 2 €0,05
2010-06 Hjälp oss att dela med oss! 2 €0,05
2010-06 Information till seglarna 2 €0,05
2010-06 Seglare till Piratskutan klara! 2 €0,05
2010-06 RE: Flattr WordPress Plugin 1 €0,05
2010-06 RE: Configurable cake slice size for flatrate distribution method. 1 €0,05
2010-06 RE: Introduction thread 1 €0,04
2010-06 RE: The Recommendation Thread 1 €0,03
2010-06 Co-op accounts/groups 2 €0,02
2010-06 Vikten av att synas och höras! 1 €0,01
2010-06 Test av geotaggade inlägg 1 €0,01
2010-06 Samira Ariadad – Netbased Commons 1 €0,01
2010-06 Jantelagen och Flattr 1 €0,01
2010-06 Om 30dagar bär det av! 1 €0,01
2010-06 maloki on youtube 1 €0,01
2010-06 chrisk – Crypto Activism 1 €0,01
2010-06 Tillfälligt avbrott 1 €0,01
2010-06 brokep – The Pirate Bay 1 €0,01
2010-06 En Superhelg i Värmland: Superkarlstad 1 €0,01
2010-06 Lists – Integration 1 €0,01
2010-06 Agent kugg on the Security of PPTP 1 €0,01
2010-06 En Superhelg i Värmland: Kick-off Väst 1 €0,01
2010-06 Marie till Riksdagen 1 €0,01
2010-06 Mönstra på till Arwens valturné efter västkusten! 1 €0,01
2010-06 Marie till Riksdagen 1 €0,01
2010-06 Agent X on Blackthrow, Svartkast 1 €0,01
2010-06 Telecomix Conference Day 1 complete 1 €0,01
2010-06 Pirater! Smid medan järnet är varmt! 1 €0,01
2010-06 My Flattr text link-collection 1 €0,01

Other peoples June statistics: Flattrthis, quite surprised at his €7.41. Congratz I say! Netzpolitik (German), got as much as €576,53! (German) lists the 25 most flattrd texts in German for June. And got €201,22 in donations for themselfs.

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My Flattr link-collection

Posted by maloki på 23 juni, 2010

Flattr - Share your cake
Flattr this

[Eng] I’ve written alot about Flattr, more than I thought. Now I’ll start collecting those urls in this post. It will be continuously updated as time passes, and seperated month by month, and language. Permalink to the post so I can change its name.

[Sv] Jag har skrivit en hel del om Flattr, mer än vad jag trodde. Nu kommer jag börja samla de länkarna i detta inlägg. Som fortsätts uppdateras eftersom, och uppdelat månad för månad, och språk. Permanentlänk till inlägget så jag kan ändra namn.


2010-06-03 Flattr: Put your money where your mouth is, about what Flattr is, and what I’d like it to become.
2010-06-13 How do you flattr? Think about it, and I’d love to hear more about your thoughts.
2010-06-17 ImFlattrd: New Flattr service, about the first Flattr service on an offsite. Great place to set up your online business card.
2010-07-01 2nd month Flattr-stats, I decided to go a bit transparent and show what I got flattrd. Some some collective thoughts from the month.
2010-07-01 Thank you Netopia, I got inspired and decided to write a letter to Stephenie Meyer, about Flattr.
2010-07-03 I did it again! (Flattr), I decided to offer the team for Disqus an invite as well.
2010-07-31 Ready for Flattry? I emailed a number of websites.
2010-08-02 Flattr + Wikileaks = Datalove, about Wikileaks getting a Flattr-account.

Ideas posted on the Forum:
Premium Invites
Co-op accounts/groups
Requested: “Newest” – Collapse multiple things from same user


2010-02-11 Kan Flattr rädda Wikileaks? Var det första jag tänkte när jag hörde talas om Flattr. Jag tror fortfarande det. Frågan är hur vi löser det.
2010-05-14 14 dagar med Flattr, gjorde en kort utvärdering.
2010-05-19 Flattr Plug-ins ftw, hyllning till plug-ins för Flattr till WordPress som kom ut tidigt. Inkluderar alla länkar.
2010-05-26 Jantelagen och Flattr, vid en fika med Emma fick det mig att tänka lite.
2010-06-01 Funderingar kring Flattr, ja min hjärna har svämmat över med Flattr.
2010-07-07 Youtube – maloki om Flattr (halvkasst ljud dock)
2010-07-24 En smickrande framtid, min 2022 framtidisvision om Flattrs påverkan på samhället.
2010-08-25 Publicera din bok online, exempel på författare som publicerat online tillsammans med Flattr-knappar.

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imFlattrd, new Flattr service

Posted by maloki på 17 juni, 2010
Flattr this

Okay not to scare you off, it’s not a copy of Flattr it’s an addition sort of site. Imflattrd was launched today by Pelle and Jonny. This is from what I’ve seen the first flattr dedicated website.

The idea is simple. You create your own electronic business card. Not with your phone number though, but your internet related details. You can have a look at mine. It simply contains my nickname, name, 3 buttons on top representing twitter, facebook, youtube. Under my name there’s an url to this blog, and I was informed that they will add a feature for more webpages soon. Then there’s a little bio, which I personally will keep working on, please give me pointers. Under it there are a few more buttons which represent different IM services, in my case it seems to be skype, jabber and ending with my official email. Lastly under it there’s a small share this button, where you can share your business card on the web through twitter, facebook among others.

By now you might have noticed that there also is a picture of me. This picture is grabbed from you Gravatar account and is the same used on comments in blogs and so forth. It’s really quick and simple to set up.
Below the picture there’s also a flattr button. When you press this button you are simply flattring me, for me. Not for my blog, or my awesome youtube videos (they are getting there). You are flattring me.

The good thing about this is, that you do not have to be a blogger to be flattrd you don’t have to have a normal website of any sort to be able to be flattrd.

I decided to blog about this immedietly because I think it is a nice thing to spread. When I got asked the following I couldn’t resist.

I really hope that the word will spread and more people will sign up. Sadly I’m not that good at marketing and I’m running out of ideas. If you maloki, or anyone else, got any ideas about this, please share your knowledge!

I cut out the part about getting flattr from it, since that’s not why I do this. I do this because I believe in Flattr as a system. I believe that to get it to reach critical mass this is exactely the kind of kick start it needs, while it’s still in beta.

Now I’m only waiting for to add Flattr into their widgets for webhosted users, WordPress extend creators to start using Flattr for their stuff may it be themes or plugins. Why not put it on your forum while you’re at it! I’m quite convinced that Flattr would be most willing to offer you guys invites, and loads of them.
Oh, I would love to see Flattr integrated into Disqus!

I’m flattrd are you?

Not on the wave of flattring yet? Sign up for a Beta Invite

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How do you flattr?

Posted by maloki på 13 juni, 2010

Flattr this

I’ve been thinking again. To admit, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Flattr.

Flattr is, for you who know what it is and heard of it, still in Beta. I’ve been thinking, and wondering, how does this effect how people use it?

First month, I tried to be a good girl. I even payed a €5 montly fee, so that my slices wouldn’t get to small. I was pleased when it evened out, since I got €5.11 revenue.
This month, I’m back down on €2 since I’m helping out as much as I can with finding bugs and what not, which has resulted in 55 clicks, after only 13 days. It’s way worse than my first 14 days.

Christian Riesen posted a statistic review of May. It’s quite interesting, and it will likely look widely different, depending on who’s report you look at.

My wonder is, how do you flattr?
Do you concider that it is still just beta?
Are ju only flattring ”the very best”, or are you helping people who just registered feel like it might give them something using Flattr?

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