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imFlattrd, new Flattr service

Posted by maloki på 17 juni, 2010
Flattr this

Okay not to scare you off, it’s not a copy of Flattr it’s an addition sort of site. Imflattrd was launched today by Pelle and Jonny. This is from what I’ve seen the first flattr dedicated website.

The idea is simple. You create your own electronic business card. Not with your phone number though, but your internet related details. You can have a look at mine. It simply contains my nickname, name, 3 buttons on top representing twitter, facebook, youtube. Under my name there’s an url to this blog, and I was informed that they will add a feature for more webpages soon. Then there’s a little bio, which I personally will keep working on, please give me pointers. Under it there are a few more buttons which represent different IM services, in my case it seems to be skype, jabber and ending with my official email. Lastly under it there’s a small share this button, where you can share your business card on the web through twitter, facebook among others.

By now you might have noticed that there also is a picture of me. This picture is grabbed from you Gravatar account and is the same used on comments in blogs and so forth. It’s really quick and simple to set up.
Below the picture there’s also a flattr button. When you press this button you are simply flattring me, for me. Not for my blog, or my awesome youtube videos (they are getting there). You are flattring me.

The good thing about this is, that you do not have to be a blogger to be flattrd you don’t have to have a normal website of any sort to be able to be flattrd.

I decided to blog about this immedietly because I think it is a nice thing to spread. When I got asked the following I couldn’t resist.

I really hope that the word will spread and more people will sign up. Sadly I’m not that good at marketing and I’m running out of ideas. If you maloki, or anyone else, got any ideas about this, please share your knowledge!

I cut out the part about getting flattr from it, since that’s not why I do this. I do this because I believe in Flattr as a system. I believe that to get it to reach critical mass this is exactely the kind of kick start it needs, while it’s still in beta.

Now I’m only waiting for to add Flattr into their widgets for webhosted users, WordPress extend creators to start using Flattr for their stuff may it be themes or plugins. Why not put it on your forum while you’re at it! I’m quite convinced that Flattr would be most willing to offer you guys invites, and loads of them.
Oh, I would love to see Flattr integrated into Disqus!

I’m flattrd are you?

Not on the wave of flattring yet? Sign up for a Beta Invite


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