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How do you flattr?

Posted by maloki på 13 juni, 2010

Flattr this

I’ve been thinking again. To admit, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Flattr.

Flattr is, for you who know what it is and heard of it, still in Beta. I’ve been thinking, and wondering, how does this effect how people use it?

First month, I tried to be a good girl. I even payed a €5 montly fee, so that my slices wouldn’t get to small. I was pleased when it evened out, since I got €5.11 revenue.
This month, I’m back down on €2 since I’m helping out as much as I can with finding bugs and what not, which has resulted in 55 clicks, after only 13 days. It’s way worse than my first 14 days.

Christian Riesen posted a statistic review of May. It’s quite interesting, and it will likely look widely different, depending on who’s report you look at.

My wonder is, how do you flattr?
Do you concider that it is still just beta?
Are ju only flattring ”the very best”, or are you helping people who just registered feel like it might give them something using Flattr?


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