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Flattr + Wikileaks = DataLove

Posted by maloki på 2 augusti, 2010

I knew it, when I first heard about Flattr, while Wikileaks were looking for donations, I just knew that Flattr and Wikileaks would be a great idea together. Just guess how happy I am today that I get to read that Wikileaks now has an account, a verified one as well. TechCrunch reports about it.

I’m thrilled about this progress, and I’m glad that Wikileaks joined Flattr. Now that they are integrating with other partners! Will be awesome. I hope that some of the sites I emailed will reply as well. One has already done so, and it was that was first to reply.

Thanks for the suggestion Marie, Flattr looks cool – I’ve added it to our regularly reviewed list of suggestions.

Happiness Engineer, Automattic

Now I’m just waiting to see who else will tag along. Who do you want to see to implement Flattr? Send them an email and explain to them why! Doesn’t matter if I’ve already done it, you have to tell them why you want them to.


8 svar to “Flattr + Wikileaks = DataLove”

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  2. Lite synd att de inte hunnit slänga upp en Flattrknapp än på Afghanistan War Diary 2004-2009. Det hindrade inte mig (och 523 andra, 524, 525) från att klicka.

    • maloki said

      Jo men typ så :) Eller på Wikileaks överhuvudtaget, antar att de bara ville se hur det funkar. Men ja när saker blir virala så trillar det på rätt bra

  3. Nu måste du fixa en Flattr-knapp på detta inlägg !!!!

    Hälsn. Urban

  4. Thilo said

    Yes, it does look like a match made in pirate heaven. The Afghanistan War Diaries are taking over the Flattr charts as we speak, and they should do very well with other Things like the leaked ACTA draft, too.

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