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2nd month Flattr-stats

Posted by maloki på 1 juli, 2010

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Flattr - Share your cake

Where do I start. I thought I’d be open and share what I’ve been flattrd this month. In total I got 151 clicks on my various flattr buttons and quite spread out. Yes, alot of them have 1 click only, and from the same person (new opt-in setting on Flattr). Some of you have seen me rant about it the first time it happened.
At the end of this post I have conducted a table, from my revenue page of everything of mine that has been flattrd this month. Feel free to use the data, and contact me if you want my CSV file for the data.

This month I decided to spend €2 and try and help out as much as possible, on the forums and testing to click peoples sites when they were worried that the button didn’t work and so forth. Part of the whole beta testing, and that I wanted to be sure I had enough money on my account to continue flattring people for the next 5 months.
When I got close to 100 clicks, I decided to stop when I reached 100. So that my clicks would be worth an even number. €2/100=€0.02. So my clicks weren’t worth alot, but it has been fun and uplifting to be able to help people get started and see them get happy about their first clicks.
I’ve noticed a problem with the fact that I limited my clicks last month, and it is that as soon as the new month turned I went wild with clicks and have now already, in less than 6 hours, clicked like 41 things. Woops.

Upcoming transactions: Flattr revenue 2010-07-10 €15,17. I’m quite satisfied, and as a result I will be setting my fee to €5, atleast, this month. Since I will now last another 5 months with my total revenue when I transfer it over to my means account. It also means that each click I got was on average worth €0.10.

Three people I’ve helped when they got started this month was my Mom, maybe she’ll become a Flattr-mom as well as Pirate mom?, Sargoth, also known as Johanna Drott on Magnihasa, and OlofB, who was thrilled when he finally got his account working! I also did alot of moaning on Göran Widham to get his own account up, and not just let Marcus Fridholm take all the tasty revenue from Sagor från Livbåten. Yeye, I know they are good friends and all. But still! We all long for when you either can add more than one account to the same thing and/or when the WordPress Plugin will support more than one user, right?
Let’s not talk about the collaborative blog I’m on with 4 out of 8 writers having Flattr accounts of their own!

I also collected a list of all the things I write about Flattr on both my blogs, just to be able to keep it all in once place. When I put it together I realised that I do write about it quite alot. No I’m not obsessed!

The first independant Flattr-service was released. I wrote about imFlattrd quite early, since I found it such a good thing. It’s basicly a place where you can create your online business card, that people can flattr. Which as a result is a way to make a place where you can be flattrd. If you don’t have a blog or whatnot. It’s really great. This is me.

Do I have any other added thoughts? Yes I do. Which major site will be the first to implement Flattr? I would love to see it in Disqus for commenting and generall activity, which way they would want to implement it. I miss it as an option on my account. Youtube would be awesome, so I guess Google would to be asked then, and also for easier use/implementation on of course! I want it here, right here on my site, without them big issues with manual posting. Everyone wins. It would be awesome if plugin/theme creators for also would be using Flattr.
Will the major players join before or after the beta, if ever?

Fledermaus, Fon Flatter

Last but not least, I’ll treat you to a thing I stumbled upon through Flattr, and totally fell inlove with. It’s a webcomic, gone on since 2005, about a bat! First two episodes made me giggle so much that I actually decided to try and learn more German again, and read through the whole thing. I’m actually stuck on the one showed on the side here, but I’ll move along soon enough.

This month has been good, and yes I might be a little bit obsessed but I feel that it is important that I talk about Flattr alot, make people understand the good use of it. I want to, together with the Flattr-community that we already have and the Pirate and Activist community that I am part of, lead the way by setting a good example and showing that this really works. We are all responsable to help Flattr reach Critical Mass
Have you given out your 3 invites yet? If not, get on with it already!
And I’m still curious about how how you flattr.

Information as promissed:

2010-06 Marie till Riksdagen 13 €3,95
2010-06 maloki – tankar och funderingar 12 €1,58
2010-06 Flattr plug-ins ftw! 2 €0,97
2010-06 Premium Invites 13 €0,96
2010-06 Flattr: Put your money where your mouth is 7 €0,76
2010-06 RE: giving to get (with a second twist) 1 €0,64
2010-06 imFlattrd, new Flattr service 3 €0,50
2010-06 – maloki 6 €0,39
2010-06 10 enkla saker du kan göra så PP syns! 3 €0,39
2010-06 Piratskutan behöver din hjälp! 2 €0,31
2010-06 Bjud in en Pirat! 3 €0,23
2010-06 RE: No Flattr-button showing 2 €0,23
2010-06 How do you Flattr? 2 €0,22
2010-06 RE: WordPress PlugIn creates Icon – but no Link 1 €0,22
2010-06 Why we like the Pirate Party 3 €0,21
2010-06 Arwen den vackra Piratskutan 3 €0,20
2010-06 RE: Conflict with IE8 and WordPress Flattr Plugin 2 €0,18
2010-06 Flattr testrun plugin 3 €0,18
2010-06 Följ med Piratpartiet på segling! 3 €0,17
2010-06 Piratskutan har fått Internet! 3 €0,16
2010-06 Replik: Personliga integriteten allt viktigare 2 €0,15
2010-06 Länkkärlek skapar heta diskussioner 2 €0,14
2010-06 Hacknight #2 here I come 2 €0,12
2010-06 Summary of Hacknight #2 2 €0,12
2010-06 Telecomix Conference ended 2 €0,12
2010-06 Försenad till Telecomix Conference 2 €0,12
2010-06 Telecomix Conference 2 €0,12
2010-06 Agent jwalck on I2P 2 €0,12
2010-06 raccoon – Blackthrow 2 €0,12
2010-06 Agent Felix Atari on Internet and AFK Tunnels 2 €0,12
2010-06 Agent endrazine – Zero Crypto 2 €0,12
2010-06 Marie till Riksdagen 1 €0,11
2010-06 maloki kampanjar! 1 €0,10
2010-06 Marie till Riksdagen 2 €0,08
2010-06 Flattr wp-test 0.9.8 2 €0,06
2010-06 Arrived @ Hacknight #2 2 €0,05
2010-06 Första seglingen 2 €0,05
2010-06 Hjälp oss att dela med oss! 2 €0,05
2010-06 Information till seglarna 2 €0,05
2010-06 Seglare till Piratskutan klara! 2 €0,05
2010-06 RE: Flattr WordPress Plugin 1 €0,05
2010-06 RE: Configurable cake slice size for flatrate distribution method. 1 €0,05
2010-06 RE: Introduction thread 1 €0,04
2010-06 RE: The Recommendation Thread 1 €0,03
2010-06 Co-op accounts/groups 2 €0,02
2010-06 Vikten av att synas och höras! 1 €0,01
2010-06 Test av geotaggade inlägg 1 €0,01
2010-06 Samira Ariadad – Netbased Commons 1 €0,01
2010-06 Jantelagen och Flattr 1 €0,01
2010-06 Om 30dagar bär det av! 1 €0,01
2010-06 maloki on youtube 1 €0,01
2010-06 chrisk – Crypto Activism 1 €0,01
2010-06 Tillfälligt avbrott 1 €0,01
2010-06 brokep – The Pirate Bay 1 €0,01
2010-06 En Superhelg i Värmland: Superkarlstad 1 €0,01
2010-06 Lists – Integration 1 €0,01
2010-06 Agent kugg on the Security of PPTP 1 €0,01
2010-06 En Superhelg i Värmland: Kick-off Väst 1 €0,01
2010-06 Marie till Riksdagen 1 €0,01
2010-06 Mönstra på till Arwens valturné efter västkusten! 1 €0,01
2010-06 Marie till Riksdagen 1 €0,01
2010-06 Agent X on Blackthrow, Svartkast 1 €0,01
2010-06 Telecomix Conference Day 1 complete 1 €0,01
2010-06 Pirater! Smid medan järnet är varmt! 1 €0,01
2010-06 My Flattr text link-collection 1 €0,01

Other peoples June statistics: Flattrthis, quite surprised at his €7.41. Congratz I say! Netzpolitik (German), got as much as €576,53! (German) lists the 25 most flattrd texts in German for June. And got €201,22 in donations for themselfs.


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  2. Bosse said


    Jag är nyfiken på det här med Flattr. Vad är det? Det framgår av din post att det är någon form av system för pirater att byta pengar med varandra, men hur funkar det praktiskt? Kostar det något för er att skicka pengar till varandra, eller delar ni dessa fritt och gratis, precis som musik och film? Är det någon form av pyramidspel, eller får alla lika mycket i slutändan? Och hur tänker du att det skulle funka på YouTube – säg att jag lägger upp någon annans film på mitt YouTube-konto, får jag behålla Flattr-pengarna jag får då? Eller kommer de att skickas vidare till den som gjort filmen? Måste jag själv göra det då, eller sköter systemet det?

    Ja, frågorna är många, men jag är nyfiken som sagt. Jag vill ju förstå tjänsten så jag förstår vitsen med den innan jag börjar använda den.

    Tack för din hjälp på förhand!

  3. Bosse said

    Sorry, förstår nu att jag missförstått. Tydligen måste man blogga om Flattr för att delta i systemet. Det gör ju inte jag, så det verkar inte aktuellt för mig. Jag får hitta något annat sätt att byta pengar på.

    Tack igen!

  4. Mattias said

    Bosse, flatter är ett betalning/donations system som bygger på att du har en fast månadskostnad (säg 2 Euro) som du sen delar genom att klicka på ”Flattr” knappar. Om du klickar på 10 stycken delas dina 2 Euro på 10, klickar du på 20 delas det på 20. Det behöver inte vara bloggar utan kan vara alla möjliga typer av sidor på Internet som har en ”Flattr” knapp.

  5. Olofb said

    wo-hoo maloki! inspirerande inlägg om flattr, och kul med din ”fulltransparens” :)

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  7. maloki said

    Jag hoppas du läser Mattias svar nedan.

    Jag har gett några exempel. Man måste absolut inte blogga, men det har _just nu_ sina fördelar, då det är de lättaste systemen att integrera eftersom det finns wordpressplugin och det är relativt enkelt att lägga in i blogspot.

    Om du laddar upp något, som inte är ditt material, ptja. Du kommer undan tills du blir rapporterad, och i förlängningen blir det ganska sjävlsanerande system.
    För egen del skulle du lätt kunna göra ett konto på för att bli flattrad själv på, om det var vad du syftade på :)

    Har du några fler frågor var inte rädd att peta på mig.

  8. maloki said

    Tack så mycket. Du är underbar :)

  9. Leffelini said

    Jag känner mig mer och mer manad att faktiskt fixa flattr till mig själv. Du kanske kan hjälpa mig när vi är i Almedalen? :)

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  11. maloki said

    Jodå, inga problem! :)

  12. Thilo said

    Thanks for all that great info and commentary.

    > Feel free to use the data, and contact me if you want my CSV file for the data.

    I have started collected those files (hope to get some interesting numbers from them), so, yes, can you post the file on your blog somewhere? My CSV file (which totally cannot compete with yours is here:

    And let’s work together in the forum to convince Flattr to make this available on their website. I’ll settle for opt-in, voluntarily.

  13. maloki said

    well no. Since it can’t be opt in for full transparancy, and if people want to be transparent about it they can just share their CSV file… Sorry I wont work together with you on that one ;)

    I’ll email my csv file to you

  14. Thilo said

    Yes, it cannot be opt-in for full transparency, but it could still be a nice optional feature that people could use instead of having to share their CSV file (or write a blog post every month). No ?

    Anyways, thanks for your file, I am collecting them here:

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  16. Puggan said

    Testade flattr, men har ingen egen blogg, så lär inte tjäna något själv, och den ändå blogg jag läser är din (bortsätt från lite länkar i piraternas nyhetsbrev), så du kan säkert gissa vart mitt 1 click gick förra månaden :-)

  17. maloki said

    Hehe, är ju dugligt isf, flattr är ju faktiskt inte bara för kreatörer, utan för alla.. :)

  18. Puggan said

    Försökte registrera mig där, men fick inget brev, och nu säger den att puggan är upptaget :-(

  19. maloki said

    Puggan, kollade du din skräppost och sånt? Annars kontakta dem direkt, via twitter eller så. För hjälp

  20. […] that they want to flattr them, or wish them for some reason to implement Flattr in their service. I want to, together with the Flattr-community that we already have and the Pirate and Activist community that […]

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